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20 2010

How To Create A Brilliant Brand

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A good brand ties all your efforts together.  It is a clear message of who you are, who you want to target and what you have to offer that sets you apart.

The goal is that wherever anyone ‘meets’ your brand, their first experience with you will always be the same.  So if they meet you on Face book or LinkedIn or on your blog or at a live event, the impression they come away with should be exactly the same.

A brand is a guiding force.  Defining a brand is not about picking a business name and a logo. It is about establishing a big vision for your company.

And most importantly, you must be sure to identify down to the tiniest detail. If you just say you target ‘everyone’, you are essentially saying you target no one.  Having a precise target for which you provide a specific solution to a compelling problem is essential. an essential Pick a niche and get to know that target market as well as you know yourself.  You need to know what they struggle with, what excites them, what they love and hate.  The better you know your target, the stronger your brand (and the solutions you offer your target) will be.

Finally your brand is not something you develop once and then just forget.  You should re-evaluate your brand at least once a year to make sure that your current brand is reflective of where you are going.

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