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24 2010

Wowing The World as A Web Celeb

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What does it mean to become a Web Celeb?

Web Celeb is a term coined by Pat Sutton, an Internet luminary who has been listed on the Forbes list of Thirty Women Entrepreneurs to Follow On Twitter.

Through trial and error, Pat realized that the only true way to success on the internet as a small business was to become a Web Celeb or in common day parlance, to become the dynamic and well-known face of your business.   To become a Web Celeb means that you will draw people towards you with ease, whether you want them to buy products or become part of your network or multi-level-marketing team.

Pat argues that what is important isn’t what you know or who you know but Who Knows You!  And that people will only join you when you become ‘larger than life’ on the web. Moreover, in this day and age of Google and social media, people want to know who the person behind the business is before they are ready to actually interact with or buy from you.

Simply put, the infamous Unique Selling Proposition for your business is YOU.  Not your products, but YOU.  And if you are building a multi-level-marketing or networking business, this becomes even more important because you are building up a group. If you have not positioned yourself correctly, no one will want to join your team.

In terms of specific steps to becoming a Web Celeb, you need to do the following:

  • Create a fantastic profile for yourself that is clear, coherent, full of testimonials and pertinent experience
  • Build a website around your profile
  • Share your profile throughout the Social Web
  • Make sure that you have full ownership of your website so that you can add content that builds on your new-found Web Celebrity

If you would like to know more, sign up for the free teleseminar series “The Wise Women of the Web”, in which Pat Sutton is one of the 12 featured speakers.  Find out how you too