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27 2011

Mastering The Facebook Universe

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Facebook is its own universe but I daily talk to small businesspeople who aren’t sure how best to maximize its potential.

Because so much of Facebook is happening on mobile phones nowadays, if you are interested in mobile, you HAVE to be interested in Facebook.

Here are some tips on how you can make Facebook work better for you: Facebook

1. Great Content. One of my key mantras has always been that without great content, it is difficult to have positive social media results. Fresh content in particular is crucial. One tool I use is a monthly calendar which tracks out exactly what I need to create in advance both in terms of subject and format (blog posts, videos, articles, tweets, reports, podcasts).

2. Talk to your fans. Answer their questions. Encourage your fans to ask you questions and make sure you are there with constructive, positive tips. You might even want to consider creating an FAQ or resource center right on your Facebook Fan Page.

3. Be personal. Set out time at least once a day to actually comment on other people’s posts. Check out your fans, press on their avatars and go to their pages. Post there and comment on what they are talking about. Be personal! Don’t be stiff and whatever you do don’t try to sell. People do business with people they know and like.

• Share content you find.

Share what your fans say

. Share what influencers in your field say.

Even share thoughts and ideas that are generated from people outside your field. The more you share, the wider your circle will become.

4. Track results. You can measure your progress by the number of fans you have and how many new ones you are adding. If you see that the progress is slowing, try to figure out why. If a certain content or dialogue doesn’t seem ‘strike a chord’, just stop using it and try something else.

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