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13 2009

Greed is No Longer Good

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Brian Clark brings up an excellent point in a recent post about The Generation G

Clark talks about a new study which has come out saying that people are sick and tired of the greed that has marked the actions (and communications) of so many companies. Nowhere in history has there been a time where people are looking more for generousity of spirit, opennes, transparency and real conversation. Simply put, they are sick of being manipulated-particularly by companies that appear to have handled their own affairs so badly.

It is no coincidence that this desire for openness comes at a time when social media is soaring in popularity. Every company of every size in every country needs to reconsider their communications. And this is just as true of B2B companies. People are people. And we are all fed up.

The good news is that, as a company, you now have the means to change how you communicate through the intelligent use of social media. With these tools, you can begin to enter into genuine exchange and begin to rebuild the trust that has been so seriously eroded.

In that spirit of generousity, I would love to hear from you. Let me know-as a European company-what you would like to know more about. What are your questions about social media? What are your pressing concerns? Your fears? I am looking forward to our dialogue…

  1. markyg says:

    I would like to hear more about the differences between social media for B2B compared to B2C. It seems that most commentators focus on the latter.