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24 2009

The Dark Before The Dawn

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Enduring The Dark To Revel In The Dawn

Enduring The Dark To Revel In The Dawn

photo of Stockholm at the dawn/ flickr/ diesmali

It is, famously, always  darkest before the dawn.

We’ve all experienced it.

For example, when  someone you loves  leaves you, you plunge into the abyss, certain that life will never be good again.

Or if you lose your job, it is tantamount to losing hope and the dark descends.

But as all of us who have lived long enough know,  these moments of darkness are finite.  And the sun indeed does rise again.   And most ironically the more potently  we feel the weight of the night, the more glorious are the rays of the dawn.

And that is what I believe  is happening all around the world today.

No doubt about it.  It’s bleak.

Factories are  shutting down.  Old institutions-household names- are faltering. Millions of jobs have been lost. People’s life savings have been decimated.  We have all been touched by the malaise.

The fall of 2008 was a sort of financial 9/11.   We will never be the same again.

Yet, this time, the destruction wasn’t meted out by a terrorist from some faraway land. But by household names and governments and old man Greed

But I believe that the dawn will come and we will indeed be able to build something new out of the rubble.  But it is time to say goodbye to old institutions and archaic ways of thinking that do not work.  And a moment to embrace new systems, new ideas, and new formulas that will-at long last-usher in the 21st century.

And at the forefront of this change is what is happening on the internet.  A veritable feast of communities and openness and sharing and connecting that is taking the whole world by surprise.

The future-and very specifically the future potential of the internet- promises us all opportunities of which we have never dreamed.

Let’s all stop moaning about what we lost.  And revel in the renaissance in which we are all participating.

It has just begun.