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14 2009

What I Have Learned From My 14 Year Old Daughter

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My two daughters are my heroes.  From the very first minute they entered the world, I have been in awe of both of them.

Daily, I realize how much I have learned from them.

My 18 year old Chloe  weathered the vagaries of the French educational system to be accepted to one of the world’s greatest universities.

She is centered and refined but always ready to laugh.

My 14 year old Gabriella who battled in early life with meningitis and speech difficulties is fast becoming a beautiful, cultivated and determined young woman.

Last Sunday, Gabriella won 1st in a horseback riding competition.  An expert equestrian, her journey on the horse has become most

symbolic for me.  Among the many lessons about life we have learned together, the following stand out:

  • Never ever give up
  • Be humble
  • Admit Mistakes…and learn from them
  • Patience beats impatience every time
  • Don’t look left and don’t look right. Look straight ahead with head high and shoulders back.
  • Compete hard but never compare yourself with others
  • Focus on the next jump. That is the only thing that matters
  • Success is what is in your head…and your heart.
  • Sensitivity to others (including the horse) counts immeasurably
  • Concentrate on the little stuff but never forget the big vision
  • Have fun
  • Be passionate

Lessons for a little girl and her mother.  Lessons for those embarking in social media.  Lessons for life.

  1. My soup says:

    What I Have Learned From My 14 Year Old Daughter…

    What I Have Learned From My 14 Year Old Daughter…

  2. Joni Fisher says:

    Additional lessons learned from my 3-year old son:

    1. Laugh always & often
    2. Stand up for your personal beliefs
    3. Be a strong & courageous leader
    4. Have humility & apologize for wrongdoings
    5. Anything is possible based on your passion & vision
    6. Life is a continuum of practice sessions – you can always achieve a higher level based on focus & desire for a specific outcome
    7. There is always a way!
    8. Say “I love you” daily & have the strength to express yourself
    9. Follow the beat of your own drummer and don’t let others bring you down if you know in your heart it is the best path to take
    10. Tackle life head on. No excuse for delays or procrastination

    At 3 my son is a leader. I see strength, conviction and passion in everything he does. He is my role model and I learn from his “wisdom” daily.

    Fabulous post! Your piece definitely puts everything into perspective and puts a smile on my face….

    Kind regards,

    Joni Fisher, CSP
    Fisher Search