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08 2010

Will Social Media Change The Way We Relate To Each Other ?

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I am very old school when it comes to friendships. 

While I have thousands of acquaintances gathered from decades of adventures, my real friends—my true friends—can be counted on one (maybe two) hands.

My friends are precious to me.  I am fiercely, fiercely loyal.

A friend for life?  For me, friend and life are pretty much synonymous.

Few friends, deep bonds is my motto.

I was recently waching CNN.  They were talking about how social media was changing the nature of our relationships.  How we will have hundreds and hundreds of friends, but that those friendships  will last nanoseconds.

Is that our fate?

Are the days of deep, long-lasting friendships over?   Is social media going to condemn us to shallow, passing interactions on cyberspace? As we flit from social media tool to social media tool, will we never be able to relate to each other in any long-term or profound way?

The answer may be in the middle.  Yes, many of our social media connections will be spontaneous with little depth.  But this is not inevitable.  As our understanding of social media deepens so will our connections there.  And as we share and converse, there is no reason that real friendships won’t emerge.

We must remember that these are still early days.  Social media will mature as will our interactions there. 

  1. Jenny says:

    I don’t think social media will change the way we interact if you mean at the most basic level. As human beings, we need/crave deeper companionship and social interaction than social media affords us. As social media demands we interact over the wires, it actually isolates us a bit from each other and pulls us in a multitude of directions so that we might not get deeply involved with any one person.

    Of course, it all depends how you use it. I just reached out to a local agency on Twitter and we met for coffee. We might be able to help each other in the future. Is anyone else connecting like this.

  2. Nothing will replace a good strong relationship, social media however just increases the chances of mmeting people with whom we have a real comnnection or reconnecting with those we have lost touch with over the years.
    When I look at my facebook page I scroll through acquaintances so that I can enjoy catching up with those people who matter the most.
    Social media helps to build relationships with people we have things in common with, see hwo Miss Aniela  of Flickr
    fame did just that, without Social media she would never had made strong bonds with like minded artists accoss the world.