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18 2011

Five Big Reasons Small Businesses Should Mobile Market

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Here are 5 reasons why you as a small business should engage in mobile marketing:

1. The mobile audience is huge. Worldwide there are 3 times more people running around 24/7 with their mobile phones than sitting in front of computers

2. Mobile users are addicted. A recent study says that mobile users would rather forget their wallets than their smart phones. They are indispensable to most users.

3. Mobile is infinitely affordable. You can buy a text message for as low as 5 cents. mobile marketingmobile marketing

4. Mobile is the future. 173 billion texts are sent per month in the US and by 2013 businesses will distribute 70 million coupons (Yankee Group).

5. Mobile is so easy. If you can type, you can unleash the potential of mobile.

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