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17 2011

How B2B Can Benefit From Mobile Email

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Do you believe that mobile ads and SMS messaging are only for B2C merchants?

Well, think again.

One area of mobile which can be extremely effective for the B2B marketer is mobile email marketing.

As we all know, increasingly decision makers use their mobile phones to conduct business and read their email.  Doing this is so much more convenient and allows business owners and management to keep in touch while they are on the go.

To get ahead of the competition, why not start adopting mobile email marketing?

However if you do this, you need to be absolutely sure that your email campaign can be easily viewed on a mobile device.

Here are some tips on how to make your email campaign reader-friendly for mobile:

1.      Send all critical emails in text.

2.      Be consistent with the name in the From line so that readers recognize you

3.      Make sure your subject line is as short as possible; sometimes only 15 characters can be seen on mobile.

4.      Make your subject line includes a compelling message to enhance open rates.

5.      Make sure the body of your message contains what is promised in the subject line.

6.      Keep the body of your email message concise, clear and a ‘fast read’.

7.      Minimize links and images in your message

8.      For most mobile phones, a space of 500-600 pixels is wide enough to create an easily read email.  Some phones however have a more limited display width of around 320 pixels.

9.      Don’t put links and header graphics at the beginning of your message.  Place your logo or any images below the first few lines of text.

10.  Keep your message file size small.  Some email software cuts messages off early if the file size is too large.

11.  Put a phone number in your message using Click-to-Call.

12.  If you want people to go to a landing page, make sure your Call-to-Action is clear.

13.  Double check that your landing page can be viewed on a mobile device.

14.  Remove JavaScript, Frames, Flash and pop-ups from your landing page because these elements may not be viewable on mobile phones

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