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30 2011

Mobile Marketing Not A Panacea

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Mobile marketing is powerful.

Mobile marketing is direct and personal.

Mobile marketing is cost-effective.

You can send a text in seconds, you don’t have to fight spam filters and with a 95% open rate, you know your customer will receive the message.

Mobile coupon redemption rates are said to be as high as 30% because the offer is opened and always available as long as the customer has their phone with them.

Having said all that, mobile marketing is still not a panacea for all ills.

When you consider mobile marketing, remember that it is a tool and should be considered an extension to your current marketing, not a replacement for it. It should be integrated into your entire pre-existing program including online, direct mail and traditional advertising.  Don’t expect it to carry the entire burden of your marketing program.  However it is sure that it will add a fresh touch and energy to your current efforts.

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