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27 2011

Mobile Marketing Requires You Master The Art of “Less Is More”

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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing Requires You Master The Art of “Less Is More”

Just when you thought you cracked the code on online communications, the world throws a curve ball at you called mobile marketing!

And yes mobile marketing and mobile communications requires a totally different type of communication style. The rule of the day for mobile marketing is ‘less is more’. There is no room for fat. No room for extraneous information. In other words,mobile marketing and mobile communications requires that you get to the essence of your message immediately.

Here are some tips of how to find, optimize and share your content for mobile devices:

“Mobile readers want bite-sized info

Whether your readers are using smartphones or you are communicating via SMS, they really do want brief, easy-to-read content.

That means shorter paragraphs, fewer jargon-filled expressions, more objective information and (please, please, please) not so many images, thanks.

Where to get your content

If you already create or curate content on your own website, you should be spinning off a mobile-optimized version for your readers.

Just edit down the copywriting, break it into smaller chunks and focus on the most important bits.

If your mobile audience is a specific type of user (such as a salespeople), then you can further target the content you gather and share with them around that topic.

Using a tool like Twitter is a great way to find lots of interesting and useful information from others in your niche. (It’s also a great way to share your own content with mobile readers!)”

How to share

Just like your regular website, you need to share your curated and self-published content through different methods.

For mobile, that means using tools that are popular and accessible to (and used by) your audience. Not everyone has smartphones, and many successful mobile marketing campaigns use SMS to great effect.

Twitter, Facebook and other social sites are a good first channel for sharing. Many smartphone users regularly use these platforms for receiving their information.

When you have an SMS subscriber base, you need to use slightly different methods of sharing as not everyone will have a web-capable device.

Sharing via SMS can be as simple as sharing a bit of news and a source and telling them to check your blog. You can also provide a link so that those with a capable browser can view it via the mobile-optimised version of your content. In fact, SMS can be a really engaging way to get a dialogue going with your readers.”

However you do it, finding and sharing specifically for your mobile audience will be good for your customers and good for your business too.”

To see the full original article about mobile marketing.

When you are creating and sharing content for mobile you also should really think in a mobilemindset. People want you to get to the point quickly.  The naysayers may call this the ‘popcorn communications culture’.  But this is one bag of popcorn you definitely do not want to ignore.

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