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21 2011

Mobile Search Offers Marketers New Opportunities

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Unless you have been living under a rock, you must know by now that the internet is most definitely going mobile.

If you need some good reasons to ‘go mobile’ why not try some of the most important reasons such as the fact that mobile is cheaper, highly targeted, delivers fast results and is taking over the world?

But you can’t expect to simply transfer your desktop campaign to mobile by cutting and pasting.  This is because mobile user behavior is so different than their behavior on the traditional web. This is true for everything but certainly very true of mobile search.

According to a recent Marketing Week article, mobile search differs from web search in at least three ways:

  • Terms. When a user searches on his mobile phone, the terms he types in tend to be shorter and the chance of a typing error or abbreviation much higher.
  • Timing.  When people search on their mobile is different too.  Most mobile searches are concentrated in the morning before work and then in the evening.  Timing in terms of ultimate purchase is much more compressed on mobile as well.  So if the average time between initial customer research and purchase can be as long as a month on desktop, it tends to be around an hour on mobile.
  • Competition. Many experts argue that you can be more successful on mobile search (versus the web) because competition for keywords is less fierce.  This can considerably reduce both the CPC (cost per click) and the CPA (cost per acquisition).

Campaigns can be as much as 30-40% cheaper CPA on mobile versus desktop

According to Simon England, the managing director at ALA, a gap car insurance provider, using mobile and mobile search has made all the difference.  Gap insurance is an additional insurance policy (above and beyond ‘normal’ car insurance) that will make up the difference between the market value the insurance company pays out for a written off or stolen car and the full cost of the vehicle as new.

England says he has been using mobile for a few months and they have converted 30-40% of people who click through to call.  This conversion rate is 3-4 times better than what England gets on his ‘normal’ website.

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