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12 2011

The 4 Steps To Starting A Mobile Marketing Campaign For Your Small Business

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mobile marketingYou are a small business. You have heard about mobile marketing and are intrigued by the concept.  But what is the best place to begin/

Step 1. The first step is you absolutely have to make your website and blog mobile-friendly.  Try viewing your current website on a mobile device. Is it easy to navigate in a mobile browser?  Does it offer up the information that someone ‘on the go’ really needs? (Like a click-to-call button, your hours of operation, a map or a special mobile offer?)

You have one of two choices. Either you adapt your current site to be ‘mobile-friendly’. Or you create a completely new site for mobile users only.  If you go the first route and you currently have a WordPress site, try doing a search for mobile-friendly plug-ins.  You will find many options including the WordPress Mobile Edition or the WordPress Mobile Pack.  If you want to create a new site altogether, you can go to a place like which allows you to construct a nice-looking mobile site in about one hour for next to nothing (and with NO technological experience needed).

Step 2. A second step could be to develop a mobile app.  Mobile applications should have a dual purpose.  On the one hand a mobile application should offer consumers something of value.  On the other hand, they should help drive business sales.  You can create a free app or a paid app.  While a free app won’t generate immediate revenue, they will create buzz and interest around your brand.

Step 3. A third step would be to use location-based mobile tools to your advantage. If you have a physical store/location, make sure that people can ‘check-in’ using apps like Foursquare and Facebook Places.

Why would you want to do this?  First of all, every time someone checks into your store, they announce the existence of your business to all their friends and followers on either Facebook or Foursquare or both.  A ‘check-in’ creates buzz about your business.  If someone sees their friend ‘checking in’ to your establishment, it will pique their interest. It is like having the best endorsement in the world.  Finally, to give the check-in process a boost, you can even offer incentives like “Save 15% on your purchase when you check in at Foursquare!”

Step 4. Set up a mobile payment process.  Everyone is busy and your consumer is too.  Because of this, more and more people are basing their buying decisions on convenience.  When you set up a mobile payment system, you are essentially saying, “I value your time and I want to make buying as simple and quick for you as possible”

Setting up an account with a mobile payment company is so easy.  You might want to consider some of the following: Square, goPayment and Sage Mobile Payments.  My hands down favorite is Wikipay which gives you a package where you can send unlimited text messages to your customers for less than $10/month AND they can pay you simply by texting you!  What is more simple than that?

Don’t be late on board the mobile train.  Get on early and differentiate yourself.  It’s easy, fun and profitable.

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