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10 2011

Three Ways To Join The Mobile Gold Rush

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mobile marketing1.      Create a Mobile Website.  You can do this either by optimizing the website you have or creating an entirely new one (my preference).  If you want, you can host it on a sub domain so it would be

2.      Optimize for Mobile search.  While Mobile SEO is currently somewhat an unknown, you can’t go wrong by optimizing for your location since a lot of mobile search queries will have a ‘local variable’ in them.  So ‘your market’ + city or city+ your market.

3.      Use M-Commerce correctly.

a.       Don’t cut down on the range of products you offer just because it is a mobile environment.

b.       Make it incredibly easy for existing customers to make a purchase preferably using a 1-click method

c.       Include a search bar (with auto suggest) so that mobile users can see everything you have to offer easily

d.      Include images that load vast but let the user view the whole product

e.       Make sure your checkout page is mobile-optimized

f.       Give your user the option to call and pay over the phone with a simple click-to-call.

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