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16 2011

To Mobile Market or Not…That Is The Question?

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While there are millions of businesses out there who understand the potential of mobile, there are still many who are ‘sitting on the fence’.

I find that sometimes it is easier to evaluate the potential of a marketing tool by simply looking at examples that have worked.

For example, let’s look at the app that Starbucks created with great success.  They have an app that allows customers to use their mobile phones to pay for Starbuck products. The concept is simple.  The app simply deducts payments from the user’s prepaid account. But aside from the convenience this offers the consumer, the app goes beyond that.  It also will give customers the option to opt-in if they want to receive location-specific offers.  Both features are ways of building long-term brand loyalty through mobile.

Starbucks also uses mobile games to great success.  They have become a commercial partner in a location-based game which allows users who check in the most to a specific Starbuck store to become an ‘honorary Barista’.  This is a ‘borrow’ from Foursquare but is a game that is highly popular as well as shareable on social networks like Facebook.

Another company which is having great success is the cosmetics group Rimmel.  They now spend more on mobile than their traditional media.  They create ‘snackable’ mobile content which is encouraging young women to discuss their cosmetics.

These are just a couple of examples.  I will continue to share some real-life examples of how mobile can breathe life into your business as well as your customer relationships.

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