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25 2011

Tracking your mobile marketing program

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Just like any element of your marketing program, it is essential to put into place the appropriate analytics so that you can assess what is working (and what is not!) in your mobile marketing.
Application-based analytics will help you understand:
•    The number of downloads
•    How users interact with different parts of the app
Mobile advertising analytics will assess:
•    Click-through rates
•    Response rates
•    Conversion rates
•    Calculate ROI
Mobile web analytics track on-the-phone analytics from mobile phone and smart phone browsers and will let you know:
•    The number of page views
•    Bounce rates
•    Click behavior
•    Types of devices used
•    Operating systems used
What should you use?  Here are some options:
•    Google’s free analytics for iOS, Android and mobile web traffic which can be integrated into your current Google Analytics
•    PercentMobile offers excellent analytics with a specialty on the mobile web
•    Flurry specializes in mobile applications
•    Bango can help you analyze mobile applications and the mobile web.

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