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11 2011

Warning: Avoiding Mobile Is No Longer An Option

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Still think you can avoid the mobile revolution ?  Well you might want to think again.

According to a new report from L.E.K. Consulting, two-thirds of mobile consumers have bought something via a smartphone or tablet and nearly 40% are shopping each month with their mobile device.

And they aren’t just buying music.  Mobile consumers are shopping in many categories including electronics and clothing.

Very interesting is the fact that 35% of mobile consumers are willing to share their location information if it means they can get better deals.  But the deals really need to be good with lots of added value.

If you have also been reticent to get involved with social media, mobile makes that no longer a choice.  This is because mobile shoppers are also heavily connected to their social networks. They will look for information and reviews on their social networks so make sure you are ‘social’ and you include information and reviews on your profile.

Last but not least, mobile shoppers are likely to price-check. Over one-third check prices through comparison sites.  So make sure you know your price and your competitors’ pricing. Or create a comparison chart of your own so you know they are getting the right information.

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