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09 2011

Why Small Businesses Should Use Mobile Marketing

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mobile marketing strategyAre you tired of old marketing methods which are not performing?  Are you looking for an effective, measurable, immediate AND affordable way to market?

An excellent solution for a small business is mobile marketing.  Did you know that there are now more citizens in the United States with a smartphone than people with a university degree?  In 2012, there will be more people with a smartphone than any other kind of mobile phone.

Needless to say, the opportunities for you are tremendous.

If you did a survey of your clients who have already engaged in text messaging or downloaded an app, I think you might be surprised.

Here are a few reasons why I believe small businesses should use mobile marketing:

  • Mobile will give you instant results. Having a slow night? Need to get rid of some unwanted inventory?  All you need to do is text message your client base, offer a special coupon and the traffic will come in. That day. Instantly. No other marketing channel offers the same.
  • Mobile is affordable.  As you well know, television and radio ad prices are out of the range for most business owners.  However a text messaging campaign can be as little as $50/month with each text sent around .05 cents additionally. Again, you will see instant ROI as the results are so fast.
  • Mobile is measurable.  Traditional forms of advertising are notoriously difficult to measure.  When you use a specific call to action with text messaging, you can monitor exactly what you have spent and what you have earned.
  • Mobile is personal.  There is nothing like the relationship people have with their mobile phone. You can personalize your offers and customer support and build brand loyalty on a one-on-one basis.
  • Mobile is less competitive. It is still early days for mobile marketing. This is good news because it will give you an immediate edge over your competitors. Stand out as you connect in a new, fresh way with mobile.

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