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11 2010

Move Over Kindle…2010 Will Welcome In The Apple Tablet

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One of the best virtual Christmas presents under the tree this year was the promise that Steven Jobs is going to deliver a new product that would-once again-smash through traditional expectations. The Apple tablet has caused quite a stir For those of us who have drooled over the Kindle, we haven’t seen anything yet.  And I have a feeling that the tablet –like so many of Jobs’ creation—will change the world of PCs as we know it. Daily, I am chained to my PC.  Something smaller, easier, more flexible and intuitive would be very much welcomed.  My guess is I am not alone. So what do we know about this mysterious tablet?

  • No one knows its name.  Apple has registered “Magic Slate” but there is no confirmation that will be the tablet’s name
  • The tablet will probably be introduced in May or June of 2010 but it could be later
  • The tablet will cost somewhere around $700-900, i.e. more than twice as much as a net book
  • As for size, the Apple tablet is probably somewhere between 7 and 10 inches, its display somewhere between an iPhone and a Macbook.
  • How will it work?  No one is exactly sure but it could very well redefine the role of newspapers, books and magazines. Steve Jobs has said they have some interesting ideas about small computers, the New York Times has reported that we will be surprised how we can interact with the new tablet.

In sum, we actually don’t know much.  But my guess is the anticipation is well-deserved. I, for one, am very much looking forward to the unveiling.