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18 2010

Apply An Ancient Social Networking Concept To Your 2010 Business

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The concept of social networking has been around a long, long time. 
A social network is simply a structure which maps out the relationships between individuals. One way or another, we all belong to a giant social network. Equally, we also belong to smaller, tighter networks defined by families, friends, the workplace, schools and hobbies.
Take out a paper and pencil. Try to map out all the people to whom you are connected. Then try to map out all the people to whom THEY are connected. This is not an easy task. Going to that next level is nearly impossible.
Ultimately, the core idea of social networking is that you expand the number of people you know by meeting your friend’s friends, their friends’ friends ect.
So why is the ancient idea of social networking idea important for a business?
Social networking is a great way to generate leads, interest and traffic towards your business. It is an efficient way of encouraging your advocates (the people who like your company and products) to spread the word about you and your business. Social networking facilitates word-of-mouth, a proven, powerful formula for success that has been around for centuries.
  1. Yes! The network is what defines and creates us. Have written a blog post on pretty much the same theme at