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23 2010


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Companies large and small are always looking for new ways to engage their followers and fans on the Social Web.  In my opinion, one of the most powerful ways to do that is by conducting a contest, sweepstakes or promotion.  It  is not only fun for your current followers but it can potentially create a viral buzz to entice more people into your community.

One of the best tools on the marketplace to help you create a winning contest is Wildfire.

Wildfire is easy to use, straightforward and relatively inexpensive.   Here are some of its advantages:

  •  Lets small and big companies create branded interactive campaigns:
    o Sweepstakes
    o Contests
    o Give-aways
    o Coupons
  • Once the campaign is created, you can publish it on your company website or on a variety of social networking sites
    o On your website, the participant uses a widget
    o On a social network, the participant uses an application
  • Enables you to engage millions of social network site users
  • Helps you tap into the viral features of the social web
    o The contest participant shares the contest with their social network friends
    o These friends can in turn invite their friends so the word spread
  • If you change your campaign,  all  additions/deletions will be automatically updated everywhere you are located 
  • A basic promotional campaign costs $5 with an additional $.99 each day the campaign is active
  1. Susan,

    What a great tool! I am going to check it out since I use Contests to promote most of the things I do both online and offline.

    thanks so much,

    Heidi Richards Mooney, Author
    Quirky Marketing Calendar