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21 2010

How To Truly Succeed With Social Media

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Millions have toyed around with social media tools.  Not as many have gotten social media to work for them to bring in real business results like enjoying huge boosts in traffic, subscribers, clients, affiliates and lucrative joint ventures.

So what is the secret to having social media success with your business?

Here are just a few:

  • Make sure that your social media tools (i.e. Twitter, Face book LinkedIn and YouTube) are working hard for you.  Set them up with a great profile of yourself and coherent branding
  • Link all your social media tools together so that when you tweet or blog or post a video, your fans and followers on other platforms will be able to see it
  • Target your conversations towards the people you really want to attract.  Use tools like (a sort of Yellow Pages for Twitter) to find the people you want to follow.
  • Create on-going, interesting and original content all the time.  No content means empty conversations which translate into no results.
  • Build relationships. Do not sell on social media.  You can sell to your new-found friends and followers on your website or blog but NOT on the social media platforms.

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