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03 2010

Is Social Media A Successful Communicator?

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Exciting social media tools don’t necessarily translate into exciting communication.


Good communication takes discipline, thought and not a little pencil biting.  It isn’t endless stream-of-consciousness or the jotting down of random, disjointed thought which is so prevalent nowadays on the New Net.

One of the reasons why social media doesn’t always deliver consistently stellar communications is hardwired in its DNA.  By its very nature, social media is infinite.   There are lots of beginnings but far fewer endings.  Conservations start out with a bang but trail off into a never-ending path of comments, links, new sites, new comments, and new blogs. 

I may be old-fashioned but ‘good’ solid communication is worth its weight in gold.  It does not meander.  It does not get lost in a deafening cacophony of voices. It is considerate and thoughtful and has a purpose and SAYS SOMETHING.  People who hear it walk away with new knowledge and deeper insights. 

Social media can most definitely communicate well. You CAN  have all the superb qualities that social media offers—democratic, open, sharing, participative—and still achieve good communication. But for social media to communicate well requires discipline and vision and forethought. .  Qualities many people are forget to integrate as they are busy scribbling away in a frenzy to keep up with the social media drum. 

Bad communications is the Achilles Heel of social media.  It needs to be addressed or at least parts of ‘the social media revolution’may descend into a pit on inconsequential garble.