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09 2009

Obama Online..Take Two

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Obama Reaching Out With Social Media

Obama Reaching Out With Social Media

Apparently President Obama’s recent speech in the Middle East was supported by an unprecedented online push to the global Muslim community. Over 20,000 people in the region received text messages on their mobile phones talking about the content of the speech- a clear overture to a younger generation and a snub to any potential gatekeepers.  In addition, over 20 million people were able to engage in live chats on sites like Facebook. And the video of Obama’s full Cairo speech was viewed 723,705 times on YouTube with smaller snippets of it being viewed another 151,238 times. Transcripts, usually only available in English, were made available in 13 languages.
Global. Online. Fluid. Fluent. Open. Diplomatic. Multi-cultured.

I love it.

I am admittedly not the biggest Obama fan.  But let’s face it.   He ran a political campaign in the US that was slick, solid and very 21st century.  He (or his staff) has apparently not lost the magic.

Politicans around the world need to sit up and take notice. Obama  understands the serious disconnect between politician and people, extremism and peace lovers around the globe. To mend the wounds, he is reaching out and over to the people.

I applaud him.  Obama’s way must be, should be the way  of the future.