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22 2010


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Tired of hearing the same old social media suggestions?

Here are 10 suggestions you may want to consider to spice up your social media programme in 2010:

  • ·        Consider using less-known networks that cater to business owners or neighborhood businesses:

o       Biznik

o       BizSugar

o       Foursquare

o       Gowalla

  • ·        Strapped for time?

o       Create an editorial calendar for Facebook and your blog so you can create content in a seamless manner

o       Re-purpose your blog content in as many ways as possible

§         Podcasts

§         Videos

§         Articles

§         Offline media (newspapers)

  • ·        Incorporate  Flickr into your social media mix. Everyone loves a photo; integrate your Flickr photostream on your website
  • ·        Add some social elements onto your website

o       Polls

o       FAQs with a YouTube video

o       Mini consumer forum where your customers can ask questions and share thoughts

·        Consider creating podcasts to share some of your content.

o       Interview people

o       Read your blog posts out loud

  • ·        Place your social media addresses on all the communications you distribute (flyers, pamphlets)
  • ·        Identify your biggest fans on Twitter and Facebook and reward them with a free service/product.  And then tell your community about it.
  • ·        Reach out to other bloggers in your industry.
  • ·        Use some basic YouTube videos to give customers a fun, behind-the-scenes glimpse of your company
  • ·        Don’t forget off-line; follow up social media connections with ‘real-life’meetings or a phone conversations
  1. Susan bonjour…

    Well, it’s a refreshing list for any business that wants to spread their resources across many different social media websites.

    The drawback to taking such action is that it is very hard (if not impossible) to establish the return on investment.

    Personally I think most businesses interested in taking advantage of social media get it wrong right from the start. I believe that business (interested in social media) should network in one place… not many places.