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04 2009

The Internationalization of Social Media

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So, Is Social Media Global?

I was intrigued by a recent post by David Meerman Scott in which he asks

So, Is Social Media Global?

I think the internationalization of the web in general and social media in particular is a much undiscussed topic.  Which is strange given that we will all be greatly affected by this shift in the years to come.

According to the International Herald Tribune, already in August 2008, China had surpassed the US to be the largest market on the web. But its not only China. Other countries are growing in leaps and bounds and are devouring social media tools at a much greater pace than the States.  The social media is very much indeed a global one.

Its still early days.  But in 10 years time, revenue will be flowing at a great pace from the International Web.  The opportunities are already there.  We should all be rethinking how we can best profit from doing business on the web.

Here’s a chart which shows the growth: