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13 2009

What Everyone Gets Wrong About Social Media

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There is a huge misconception about social media.

Everyone thinks it is ‘just’ a new technology.  Fun. Exciting. Perhaps irritating. But a technology nonetheless.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

Well, for any of us born in the 50s or 60s, we are arguably technology weary.  Just imagine, when I went to Stanford University, I wrote my essays  with a TYPEWRITER!!!

It’s hard to imagine the technological road we have traveled. Our first PC, our first cell phones, Sony Walkmans, fax machines, emails…The list got  longer and longer and just seemed to accelerate over the years.

I think it is fair to say that by the time social media showed up, we were all suffering from some kind of technology fatigue.  Or at least technology dizziness.

Maybe that is why so many of us have got it wrong.

At its essence, social media has NOTHING to do with technology.

It has EVERYTHING to do with people.

Social media is 100% about people.  It is people-driven.

It exists because people want to be connected to like-minded people.

It exists because people want to be part of a community since so many of our traditional communities have gone the way of the dodo bird.

It exists because people are tired of hearing the opinions of the experts and would rather hear the opinions of neighbors, colleagues or friends, virtual or otherwise.

It exists because people don’t want to be spoken to, they want to speak.

And social media lets them do all of those things.

Oh, okay.  I admit it. The wheels of social media has been greatly greased by technology.  But the true force behind social media are real live human beings:

Your consumer

Your prospects

Your partners

Your wife (of husband)

Your son and daughter

Your best friend

This is why social media is bigger than television, the first Apple PC or the Sony Walkman.

This is why social media represents one of the biggest communications revolutions in the history of mankind.

And this is why social media absolutely cannot be ignored.

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  1. Too right social media is all about the social, the technology just allows us to do it more efficiently and if we choose on a global scale as easily as a within a family group or local neighbourhood. It appeals directly to the self expression and community modes of interaction and fulfils deep routed human needs.