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16 2009

What Marie Antoinette Can Teach Us About Social Media

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chateauYesterday afternoon I took a long walk in the gardens of the Fontainebleau chateau.  Located about 40 minutes south of Paris, the Fontainebleau chateau is exquisite, the gardens sublime.

I couldn’t help but laugh at how diametrically opposed the calm of the chateau is from the frantic pace of today’s world.  And yet the lessons are so similar…

Is Marie-Antoinette and her entourage really so different from the companies today who dismiss the social web as a passing gimmick?

What were some of the mistakes made right before the French revolution?

The monarchy…

  • Didn’t heed the winds of change
  • Isolated themselves
  • Were convinced everything would remain the same
  • Did too little too late
  • Didn’t prepare for the future and thus lost the future forever
  • Arrogantly believed in their rights as an elite
  • Underestimated how much the ordinary person resented their sense of privilege
  • Belittled the importance of exchange with the ‘little’ people

Definitely food for thought…

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