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20 2010

Women — A Driving Force Behind Social Media

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If you market to women, make sure to take a look at a 2009 study (survey conducted by BlogHer-the women’s blog network along with iVillage and Compass Partners)—the results are stunning.

·        To start with, the study finds that 42 million women in the US (roughly 53% of the 79 million adult women in the United States who use the Internet) participate in social media at least weekly.

·        As women spend more time with social media, they spend less time with traditional media: 36% less time reading magazines, 39% less on newspapers, and 30% less time watching TV.

·        Social networks like Facebook get the most usage. 

·        Blogs are women’s second choice in social media

·        Forums and discussion boards are in third place

·        Twitter is the last choice by a long shot.  (If women are at the center of your marketing efforts, you may want to re-think the role of Twitter in your mix).

·        The women who post to blogs are the most actively engaged and spend the most time online

o       Over 80% also participate in social networks like Facebook

o       Over one-third participate in Twitter

o       Women who blog are more likely to be tech savvy and take time to search for new products online

·        Women are more likely to go to social networks for beauty, entertainment and dating advice

·        For the majority of other categories, women look to blogs


You can read the entire survey which was released in April 2009. 


  1. Susan,This is timely, relevant, and fascinating information. Thanks for sharing it! Laura

  2. Frauen sind Vorreiterinnen in Sachen Social Media…

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  3. Looks like I am going to have to rethink Facebook. I have mostly used Linkedin and Twitter up until now.

  4. Most of these results don’t surprise me. With one exception. Twitter! I would have thought Twitter would have been higher on the list.

    Thank you Susan for sharing,

    Heidi Richards Mooney, Publisher
    WE magazine for women

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