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28 2010

10 Ways To Creating First-Rate Content For The Social Web

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High-quality content is absolutely crucial to your success on the Social Web. The problem is generating lots of interesting ideas consistently over time is no easy task.

Here are some tips on how to create superior content that will enhance your social conversation and grow your community.

  1. Make sure you know exactly what you want to talk about. Do this by identifying a precise area of expertise upon which you want to build your reputation.
  2. Once you have identified your subject area (s), generate a series of terms that relate to your subject. You can use Google keywords (free) or Wordtracker to help you
  3. Research your terms. Go to sites like Google, Technorati or Delicious. Think about exploring your keywords adding phrases like How To, Helpful Hints or Top 10.
  4. Keep track of topics that will appeal to your community and organize them in a file(either physical or online). .
  5. Go offline. Unearth other ideas by reading magazines and newspapers, watching television and DVDs, or talking to prospects/customers.
  6. Download the free software, Audacity, Record ideas or out of the ordinary personal stories which can be used as pertinent content. .
  7. Use social bookmarking to keep track of remarkable websites, articles or blog posts which relate to your key terms.
  8. Once you have generated at least 50 ideas, decide what form your content will take. Is this going to be a blog post? A tweet? A video?
  9. Generate high-quality content. Make it easy to read (i.e. scan) with subheads, small paragraphs, bullet points and the integration of keywords Don’t forget to add visual images (photos, graphics and video) to bring your content alive.
  10. Repurpose your content. Use every piece of content at least three ways. For example, a blog post can be made into a podcast, online video and an article as well as posted throughout your Social Web.
  1. Lori says:

    Hi Susan,
    This is a great article for someone like myself who is looking to launch a new blog. One of the concerns I have had with coming up with so many ideas before I start, is that the information would be stale by the time I get around to writing it. How do you keep the content fresh when it’s around a topic like social media that is ever changing?