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17 2009

How Communications Has Changed Forever

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I ‘grew up’ in a world of mass communications like many of the rest of you. I was trained in the old-fashioned way of communications in a Madison Avenue advertising agency-Ogilvy & Mather. There is nothing wrong with this training-we musn’t forget that in the mid 1980s most of us weren’t even using computers! But given how things have changed, I thought it might be interesting to write a list which outlines the differences between the old and new ways of doing things. Here goes

We Decide versus They Decide

One Way versus Two-Way

Mass versus Niche

Controllable versus Less Controllable

Measurable versus Harder To Measure

Advertising versus Conversations

Formulaic versus Non-Formulaic

Dishonest versus Honest

Passive versus Active

Manipulated versus Genuine