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13 2009

Is Your Website A Couch Potato?

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How does your website fit in with the social media craze?  Do you greet your fans on Facebook, tweet your followers on Twitter and wow your consumers on YouTube—and then disappoint them when they come to your boring old Web 1.0 inspired website?

For most of us, our website was our first (if only) foray into the wonderful world of internet. But a lot of us have forgotten that our websites need updating.  They need to be alive and full of activity and conversation.

And unfortunately there are millions and millions of websites still floating out in cyberspace and not much more than inanimate objects. They sit there like fancy business cards or old-fashioned brochures.  They talk about themselves but talk to no one. There is no possibility to interact.  The visitor has no choice but to be a passive observer.   They are like the proverbial couch potato, sitting around lazily and watching the world go by.

And this is wrong.  Very wrong.

Because the center of your social media activity is NOT Facebook or Twitter or any other social media tool.  The center of your social media activity is your website.

You need to engage fully with your consumers at the point of your website.

What are some of the interactive things you can do?

Here are a list of options:

  • You can create a community
  • You can conduct polls
  • You can offer live chats
  • You can  display your twitter feeds
  • You can post your favorite blogs
  • You can integrate a customer forum

Your website should be a place where people can comment and talk to each other and ask questions.  It should be alive.  Brimming with life. A town square.

Your website can either be a vibrant center of conversation with your partners and consumers or it can be little more than abandoned real estate. Its your choice.

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