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24 2009

Sifting Through It All…

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photo from flickr/violator3

Social media has crashed on to the scene and a vertiable tsunami of articles, commentators, experts and advice have arrived with it So the obvious question for any busy executive is  how to sift through all the information? How to begin to make sense of all of it?

Here are at least four things you must do to begin to get a grip on the social media beast:
1. Keep your focus limited. Don”t try to read every article about every topic. First, your job will never be done. Second, you”ll end up more confused than you begin.
2. Get a handle on social media in general. Understand the overall impact of social media: i.e. how iit changes the way we communicate with our consumers and  ultimately impact our entire business model.
3. Concentrate on understanding three-four tools. I would suggest focusing on blogs, social networking (LinkedIn/Facebook), videos and Twitter. Each have their own individual power. Each will offer something different to your social media mix
4.Run a SWOTs analysis. The only way you can decide if social media is for you is to clearly identify its strenths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Don”t let the avalanche of information deter you. Sift through information carefully and purposefully. You don”t need to know everything about everything.

P.S. Want a  shortucut to understanding social media? Read my  upcoming book, Mastering the Web 2.0 (available on Amazon). My book is a must read for busy executives trying to come to grips with social media.