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17 2010

The Only Thing That Counts Is Content

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When people talk about social media, they tend to talk about the various tools and how best to use them.

What people talk about far less is the CONTENT they are going to share with these tools. 

This is a mistake.  Because it is the content that makes the difference.

High-quality content and social media are like brilliant dance partners.  A perfect fit for each other, they combine to create a terrific show built on each other’s strengths. 

Social media is far and away the best way to distribute content. I can’t think of another medium which will get your content moving around in front of more (targeted) people better than the Social Web.     If you provide content that educates and entertains, it will travel far and fast on sites like Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, Twitter and Flickr.  Social media did not invent content marketing-but it might as well have. 

On the other side of the equation, excellent content pumps energy into the Social Web.   Without it, social media would be dull and uninteresting.  Great content is what gives people the impetus to keep visiting a fan page, follow a Tweet stream or subscribe to a blog.

Very simply put, if you create content that is high-quality, solid, varied and worthy of attention, you can rest assured that people will show up to read/view it and talk about it.  Those people and their conversations will become the seed of your community and the promise of your business future. 

More than any other element, it is content that persuades people to return to your site.

It is content that inspires other bloggers to quote (and link to) you.

It is content that will get people to flock to your Twitter stream.

The number one factor contributing to success online and within the Social Web  is quality content. 

So, think less about your tools and more about the content you plan to share within them.

  1. Rachel Rodenborg says:

    This is so true! Without exceptional content social media runs the risk of being like all the other “noise” out there. Well said!