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15 2010


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Confused about how to use Twitter?  Twitter is a really excellent customer service and communication tool for all types of products but works extremely well if you are a hotel—no matter what size. Here are three examples of how hotels-big and little-have used Twitter to boost their business. 


Example One: Hyatt

@Hyatt Concierge uses Twitter as an active customer service tool.  Acting as a virtual concierge, @HyattConcierge  assists guests with any of their needs—just like a ‘real-life’ concierge would do.  For example, through Tweets, Hyatt can help people get theatre reservations, find the right restaurant and make spa appointments.  












Example Two: Omni Hotels

Omni Hotels practices a pro-active approach on Twitter.  By monitoring people’s Tweets, they can then offer  guests surprise perks. For example, Keven Colon, a pastor from Superior, Colorado twittered about the fact he was going to meet up with his friends to watch the Final Four college basketball championships at the Omni Interlocken Resort near Denver.  The Omni marketing department noticed the tweet and contacted the hotel. When the group arrived, they were surprised to discover they were given complete VIP treatment;  a table had been reserved for them with a great TV view and that they were even offered a free round of beers. 













Example Three: High Peaks Resort


The High Peaks Resort is a small  resort in an undiscovered area of Lake Placid, New York.  They used Twitter to offer a special promotion.  For 46 days, they offered a special rate for 46 minutes each day based on the elevation of one of the 46 High Peaks. For example, a rate based on the 4867 foot elevation of White Face Mountain would be $48.67.  Each day between 9 and 5, High Peaks Resorts alerted friends and followers through its Twitter profile when the daily rate will be available. Once posted, the special rate of the day was bookable for 46 minutes on the High Peak Resorts website.

The promotion program was incredibly successful.  Not only did High Peaks attract hundreds of new Twitter followers, they had a lot more reservations and excellent feedback from their new guests.  Another positive result was that it educated a lot of people about the High Peaks region and thus helped create long-term relationships and loyalty.


What about you? Any ideas of how your hotel can use Twitter? 

  1. @ggci says:

    I recently stayed at the Hyatt McCormick Place in Chicago – and tweeted about it. Shortly thereafter I got a tweet from @HyattMcCormick asking “How did we do for you?” Will I go back? You bet’cha!