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16 2010


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Everyone loves watching a good online video.    But what about posting videos yourself?

Video has evened out the playing field.   Video used to be only available to big companies with big budgets.  Now, with easy editing, inexpensive cameras and universal broadband, video is open even to individuals and solo entrepreneurs. 

Here is a list of how you can use video-fast, easy and effectively:

1. Go out and buy yourself a Flip camcorder.  They are the best invention since sliced bread and a 2 year old can operate them.  They are inexpensive (a little under $200) and have surprising high quality.  The best benefit is they have a built-in USB key so once you have filmed, it takes all of 2 seconds to upload your video to your website, YouTube and beyond. 

2. Record all your FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) that you normally post on your website.  Its much more fun to hear the FAQs read out by someone you can watch than to scroll through a long list.   

3. Write a list of the 20 best tips you can give to your audience.  Then make a video (not  more than 90 seconds long) about each tip.  Post them on your website, YouTube and other video sharing sites,

4. Interview experts or even customers in your industry.  .  Keep your interviews short.

5. Use video to show off your latest product.  If it’s a physical product, you can record with the Flip.  If it is an online product, consider using Camtasia.

6. Post your videos throughout your Social Media space—not just on YouTube.

7. If you know someone is really happy with your product, send them a Flip as a gift and ask them to record a customer testimonial. They will love you for it.  And future customers will love viewing the testimonial.

8. Select your favorite blog posts and record yourself reading them. Post them on YouTube and other video sharing sites.

9. Before you press the record button, know EXACTLY what you want to say.

10. Be sure to include a call-to-action—tell people to go to your site, to subscribe to your newsletter or to buy your product.  But tell them to do SOMETHING


  1. Hi Susan,

    Adding media to your website is a great way to increase the user experience and even assist your rankings online. Thanks for the tips. I’m looking at recording some presentations in the future. When recording a video, do you think it’s a better idea to show a bit of the person recording the video (either at the start or the end) or would it be fine to only show a PowerPoint presentation with a voice over?

  2. Kai says:

    Thanks for these tips Susan. They are practical and approachable for everyone, even solo entrepreneurs.

    I recently starting creating Flipcam video, and after reviewing many products I settled on the Sanyo Xacti. It is a very good camera, though it lacks an external microphone jack (a feature of the Kodak Zi8). That’s ok for me because I don’t shoot much video outdoors, but if your readers are planning on doing so then they would probably want to use a lapel microphone to improve sound quality.

    Please keep the tips coming!