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18 2011

Can You REALLY Afford Not To Use Mobile Marketing?

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As a local business, you really cannot afford to miss the mobile opportunity. Why?  Because mobile is an absolute perfect fit with local.  Take a look at the Comscore study entitled the “State of Local Search’. If you are reticent about entering into the mobile arena, these statistics may very well change your mind.

Here are the highlights:

  • 77.1 million mobile subscribers access local business content in 2011, up 34% from 2010
  • Local content users account for 33% of all mobile subscribers, up from 25% in 2010
  • GPS-capable devices helped fuel this local mobile content growth. Today 87% of mobile content users use GPS-capable devices
  • 64% of local mobile content users own smartphones
  • The favorite content topics are as followed:

o   Weather

o   Maps

o   Movie information

o   Restaurant Information

o   Business Directories

o   Classifieds

  • 73% of users access local content via a browser while 56% access content users through an application (up 34% from 2010)

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