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02 2011

Local Businesses Love The Little Screen

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Borrell Associates just came out with an amazing study on how retailers are embracing local mobile advertising in a big way.

In its study, Borrell predicts that businesses will spend $787.8 million on local mobile advertising in 2011, a 56% increase from the $505 million spent in 2010.

In its “Main Street Goes Mobile” report, a survey of 484 businesses show that companies are expecting to earmark more than 20% of their ad budgets to mobile marketing and advertising. Usually conservative in endorsing new technologies, this endorsement of mobile is unprecedented. local business mobile marketing

How will it be divided out? Borrell believes that paid search will account for 34.6% of the 2011 local mobile ad spending. Second in line will be run of site display (untargeted banners bought based on page views) at 32.2%. Third in line is mobile video advertising (13.8%) followed by display ads (9.4%), mobile audio ads (5.3%) and email (4.9%). The normally reticent local small businessman is enthusiastic about the mobile medium, probably because they are seeing the magic for themselves from people studying their phones in-store to asking about mobile coupons.

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