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13 2011

Want to Find A Great Restaurant Tonight? Grab Yourself a Lo-Mo App!

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Location-based social media and mobiles are two peas in the same pod.  Taking that concept one step further, there are now some interesting location-based apps that allow users to find what they want, when they want, simply based on their physical location.

Location-based apps work as follows.  Your mobile phone’s GPS capabilities will pick up where you are and will then give you your entertainment or shopping options: restaurants, movies, concerts, and stores.

Dragon Go! For example does that and you don’t even need to type!  All you need to do is use your voice. Dragon Go! Will give you a very targeted list of answers to your question.  So all you need to do is tap your phone, ask about a topic and you will find your answer whether you are looking for a bar, restaurant or a great place to listen to music.

Poynt is another app which is known for its super user-friendly interface. If you want to find a nearby restaurant, you simply click on two buttons.  You can find a lot more than where to eat with Poynt like events or even where to find the cheapest gas in the neighborhood.

The best news of all?  Both Dragon Go! And Poynt are absolutely free.  All you have to do is go to your App store and download.

And while you are there, you may want to check out some of the classics in location-based apps like Foursquare, Urbanspoon, Yelp and alfredapp.

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