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22 2011

What is Geo-Marketing?

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GeoMarketing is location specific marketing very frequently to the mobile user.  The ability to target consumers with location-specific offers as well as promotional tactics which drive traffic to their locations is ripe with potential for marketers of all sizes.

Foursquare of course is a leader in the geomarketing game.  Location-based apps like the one Foursquare offers allow the mobile phone user to ‘check in’ to restaurants, shops or airports and of course to see if any of their friends are nearby.  Businesses are using special deals to entice people to ‘check in’.  This is extremely popular with restaurants or hotels who will offer free meals, discounts or extra loyalty points to customers who ‘check in’ to their establishments via Foursquare.

Coca-Cola used Foursquare’s geo-location platform to get excitement around its product through a program called the Coke Machine Fairy. The program worked to bring vending machines ‘front of mind’ for the consumer.  The program got 1 million impressions in Twitter and 1200 mentions in social media.

Geo-targeting is an incredibly relevant concept for the consumer.  It’s very relevant to them in that it offers discounts and deals that are timely, in their local area and available right now when they want them.

Geo-targeting is tailor made for the mobile phone. Why?  Simply because the mobile phone is what the people are carrying at the point of sale.  They aren’t watching TV, playing on their computer or reading a magazine when they are in-store.

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