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12 2011

M-commerce- The Ultimate Accessory

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M-commerce is becoming the next ‘must-have’ accessory for the fashion industry.

Flash sale site Rue La La has had a mobile app up and running since April 2010.  As a result of the app, m-commerce has grown to represent 18% of its business on weekdays and as high as 30% on weekends.M-Commerce
According to the company’s president Steve Davis, accessories perform 20% better than any other item on the site.  Handbags are the strongest mobile sellers.
Net-a-Porter also reports that m-commerce is doing well and that accessories like bracelets or pendant necklaces sell big.  Higher-ticket items do well particularly if they have strong photos.  For Net-A Porter, the customers often gain access to product images through one of the retailer’s two mobile applications.  The first app is a magazine for the iPad that has new editorial content weekly as well as shopping access to featured products.  The second app is called What’s New and is mainly a shopping vehicle.

Tory Burch’s m-commerce site is the company’s fastest growing revenue channel, according to Miki Berardelli, the chief marketing officer.  She sees mobile as the perfect way to connect the online and offline worlds “We see mobile as the true bridge between online and offline. The once-siloed experiences of shopping in stores versus shopping online are now completely integrated through a device that our customer keeps with her at all times”.

For David Duplantis, the Senior Vice President of global Web and digital media for Coach, mobile provides instant gratification as well as a link to its physical stores and e-commerce sites.  He says a high percentage of his users visit through their smartphones.
In August 2011, Swarovski launched its first m-commerce app to help the launch of its Hello Kitty Collection towards the 18-25 year old age bracket.

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