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11 2011

Tapping Into The Tablet

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M-commerce and tabletsIn a recent new Forrester report “Why Tablet Commerce Will Soon Trump Mobile ecommerce” a few juicy statistics were unveiled:

  • 9% of people who shop online have a tablet
  • 82 million Americans will own a tablet by 2015
  • 47% of tablet owners have bought something on their tablets
  • 13% have shopped with their tablet
  • Tablets are most commonly used in the living room

The Tablet future looks bright. For many, tablet apps display retail content in a way that resembles a catalog so is more attractive and fun compared to a traditional Web site or smartphone app.  Ecommerce can replace catalog shopping but they didn’t replace catalogs. Tablets though CAN do that.

In conclusion, as people still struggle with reasonable ROIs from mobile advertising, more and more people are thinking a better use of their budget will be to create a tablet-optimized site.

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