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12 2012

Facebook Will Enter the Mobile Ad Game In 2012

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Facebook Will Enter the Mobile Ad Game In 2012

Facebook is already a major mobile player; almost 50% of all Facebook users access the site through their mobile phones.  It is therefore absolutely no surprise that Facebook is now going to enter the mobile advertising fray, taking advantage of its ‘natural’ mobile connection.

“Facebook, the world’s most popular social-networking service, would be playing catch-up in mobile advertising to Google Inc., Apple Inc. and Millennial Media Inc. Facebook’s potential advantage is that by gathering so much information about a person’s interests and associates, it can help advertisers target potential customers more directly than mobile Web browsers or applications.

Facebook, which boasts more than 800 million users, is increasing its focus on mobile technology, aiming to take advantage of the shift to smartphones and tablets. The company expects its next 1 billion users to come mainly from mobile devices, rather than desktop computers. More than 350 million users already access Facebook through their mobile devices, according to the site.

Later Than Expected?

The company had originally expected to roll out the new advertising service on mobile devices earlier this year, and the plan could be delayed again, one of the people said.

Brandon McCormick, a spokesman for Facebook, declined to comment. Facebook announced a mobile deals service last year that lets companies reach out to potential customers with discounts based on location.”

For the full original article on mobile advertising.

It will certainly be interesting to see how Facebook’s mobile advertising platform differs from its main competitor Google.  It is clear that Facebook is a natural fit with ‘all things mobile’ in general and mobile advertising specifically.  Will you want to run mobile advertising on Facebook when it is available?

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