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14 2011

How To Improve Your Mobile Advertising

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How To Improve Your Mobile Advertising

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Tired of the high prices and low returns of search engine marketing?  Not sure about the high costs of advertising on the internet?

Mobile advertising has low entry prices and unique capabilities and therefore can be a great alternative.

According to Gartner, the total number of PCs in use will reach 1.78 billion units in 2013.  However in that same year, the combined base of smartphones and browser-equipped phones will exceed 1.82 billion units, taking over and exceeding PCs.

Mobile marketing is moving from SMS on feature phones to display and search ads on smartphones.

Here are some ways to make your mobile advertising better:

1.      Make sure your creative and calls to action take advantage of specific devices.

2.      Use mobile advertising in a cross-media advertising campaign.

3.      Target specific devices.  You can target certain types of operating systems as well as specific devices within those operating systems.  So if you want to reach young people, target the iPod touch.   According to Jumptap, smartphone owners skew older and wealthier than feature phone users and are heavier mobile data users.  Older, more affluent users have higher ad interaction rates on Jumptap. Those 40 and over were almost five times more likely to engage with an ad than people below that age and those making more than $50,000 were twice as likely to do so.

4.      Small spaces limit your advertising message. Also creative burnout happens faster than on PC.  You therefore need to update and change your creative frequently.

5.      Experiment with mobile-specific calls to action

a.       Click-to-call campaigns that initiate the mobile phone’s call function after the user clicks on the banner ad

b.      Click-to-SMS includes the ability to SMS back to the user a mobile web link.

c.       Click-to-Download is a way to download apps

d.      A QR code is another call to action.

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