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19 2011

Mobile Ads Most Successful At Lunchtime

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Mobile advertisingAccording to some recent data from mobile advertising network Jumptap, the peak time for mobile ad engagement happens during the middle of the day rather than early morning or late evening. Click-through rates are at their lowest during the morning commute and the first few hours of the workday.

According to Jumptap’s May 2011 report, many brands and app developers are not just sending customers to a mobile website but are engaging with them in other ways like click to call, click to map, click to download or click to SMS.

On the Jumptap network, Android has the largest share of ad requests (42.4%) while Apple iOS is at 30.3%. RIM continues its downward trend and has dropped four percentage points to 20.9%.

But despite these numbers, Jumptap says that iOS definitely leads in user engagement and enjoys the highest average click-through rates of all the operating systems.

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