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14 2011

What About Classified Ads Mobile-Style?

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Social Listing is a location-based mobile application which connects local buyers and sellers.  The new app (available on iPhone and Android) it enables users to sell anything socially, locally and in real-time from their mobile phone.

Social Listing makes the old concept of classified ads fresh and new.

You snap a picture of your item, put a price on, write a brief description and then send it to nearby Social Listing users as well as Facebook and Twitter.  If you want to buy an item, you simply browse the app, tap the screen to call a seller and arrange a meeting.

The app is minimal.  There are no ‘manage my listings’ or something which tracks your recent purchases.  Instead you will find a rotating list of buyable items, organized by location.  You do have to list your email address when you post an item. The next release will hide the seller’s email address.

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