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15 2011

The Marvel Of Mobile Learning

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Mobile learning or m-learning is one of education’s fastest growing trends.  M-learning can start in kindergarten and go all the way through university as well as professional learning environments.

What can Mobile Learning bring to the party?

  • It is personalized.  Programs adapt to the individual learner’s strengths.
  • It is fun.  Subjects like mathematics become much more engaging when they are placed in a game format and the student can actually see the ‘real world’ relevancy of what he is learning.
  • It is interactive.  Mobile learning increases communication between peers and instructors. By using technology they feel comfortable with, it helps people grasp the important information.
  • It is flexible.  Students can attend class or submit homework from any location.
  • It is economical.  Cash strapped school districts can use mobile learning technology as a way to save money over the long term.  Also the lessons and materials are a lot less expensive than traditional textbooks.  Ebooks are free. Ereaders are going down in price.  So today a student can read a free textbook on her school PC, continue reading on her BlackBerry smartphone during the bus ride home and use her iPad at home.

According to a new report called “The New 3 Es of Education: Enabled, Engaged, Empowered: How Today’s Educators are Advancing a New Vision for Teaching and learning” 77% of teachers highly value the ability of mobile devices to increase student engagement.

Studies show that, when mobile devices are introduced, students become more excited about learning and teachers become more enthusiastic.

In the developing world, m-learning is seen as the best, cheapest way to enter the 21st century.  (The majority of the world accesses the internet through a mobile device rather than a desktop PC).

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