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03 2011

Apply The Magic Of Mobile To Real Estate

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According to Beverly Thorne, chief marketing officer for global franchisor Century 21 Real Estate LLC, mobile (and social) represent huge opportunities as well as a major shift for real estate agents.
“The ability for consumers to have access to mobile websites, to listings, to offices, is clearly transforming the way that … homebuyers buy homes.  With the advent of mobile they’re using their mobile device far more frequently, and it’s just such a natural for this application. Nobody wants to go home to look (at a for-sale property) on the Web — they want to go immediately and get information on that.”
Thorne also points out that mobile is moving mainstream. As it does so other forms of marketing (like email) are becoming less effective.
She also points out that there are huge links between social and mobile and that social alerts are seen much more positively (and less intrusive) than an email alert.
Another hot area in the mobile real estate sector is geomarketing.  Why?  A user’s smart phone GPS can alert him/her to a home that is for-sale nearby.

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