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28 2011

Does Anyone Talk On Their Phone Anymore?

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I think a lot of us have forgotten that ‘once upon a time’ phones were made for talking.

Talking On Mobile PhonesDespite the upsurge in mobile phone sales (particularly) smart phones, we are apparently talking less on the phone than ever before.

To be precise, according to J.D.Power, a consumer research company, Americans talk over an hour less per month than in 2009. So what are we doing instead? Text messaging, emailing and video chatting. And texting is the clear winner. Wireless customers send/receive over 500 text messages a month. And when it comes to teens and young adults, the numbers rise enormously.

According to a 2010 Nielsen survey, teens send an average of 3,339 text messages each month and 646 minutes per month talking, a 14% decline between 2009 and 2010. Why? Because young adults find texting to be much ‘easier’ and ‘faster’ than a traditional phone call. Someday soon, people are going to forget what their phones were once designed for phone calls.

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