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16 2011

Email Goes Mobile

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Email has gone mobile.

According to the Econsultancy Mobile Statistics Compendium, email is used by 75.4% of British iPhone owners, making it the most popular internet activity on the phone. The same study stated that mobile adoption mobile emailpatterns mirror the early days of the internet, when email dominated usage.

Mobile is, in effect, giving Email a new lease on life. As one of the most popular mobile activity, it means you can contact your consumer as they are ‘on the go’ not just through their mobile phone number, but through their email.

Of course mobile email should look a bit different. High quality graphics are a must but it also must be usable on the small screen. What about the links in your email? Are they touch screen friendly? Or is the user forced to expand the screen to click on the link? Also when they DO press the link make sure that they are being taken to a mobile-friendly site so that they can actually see what you are showing them.

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